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burn the man 2007


21st August 2008

Took a while, but finally got around to making a wordpress news blog for Kiwiburn and transposed everything that used to be on the "news" page. Now you need never miss KB news again: add the news feed to your feed reader [http://kiwiburn.com/news/?feed=rss2], or even easier, add the lj feed to your friends' list: kiwiburn_news.

26th April 2008

Help Us Change Mental Health Care in New Zealand! We need 500 signatures by MONDAY as we are presenting this petition to Sue Bradford in an effort to make a change.

You can view this petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/help-create-hope

If you or someone close to you have been affected by mental illness then please take a moment and help make a change by signing the petition - thank you so much.

18th February 2007

so for you viewing pleasure here is pics of some of my favourate bits..and this is the temple finished about half an hour befor the sky opend and the water fell out, corrention it bucked out of the sky.  but the comunity gathered together the following day and helped patch it back up..

big ups for the kiwiburn community..

*dances around*

17th December 2006

(no subject)

otter standing
hey all.

look what i did, i made a kiwiburn community, for all though burners in New Zealand, and for those not in New Zealand and are thinking of comming to visit us. 


*dances around*
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